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Dr. Arpita Mhatre (MPTH, MIAP, DNDP, CCE) is a renowned Physiotherapist and a private practitioner in Vasai, since 2008. With a Graduation and Post Graduation from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Sion, Mumbai, she has tremendous experience of seeing patients with various conditions such as neck pain, back pain, knee complaints, and providing the right treatment to those needing post fracture exercises, post joint replacement exercises, those suffering from sprain, strain, paralysis, parkinson's disease, and also specializing in pregnancy exercises and post pregnancy exercises.

The Healing Touch Clinic is a fully equipped Physiotherapy Clinic that is a perfect centre for effective treatment. Since the past one year, Dr. Arpita has also been providing online treatment especially for patients with Covid, the elderly and pregnant women. Her team of experienced physiotherapists conduct excellent physiotherapy sessions for patients at the clinic.


Our Specializations


We promote health and fitness by offering assistance through physical rehabilitation and injury prevention for the overall well-being of the person. It engages a person in their own care.

  • Restores strength
  • Maintains functions
  • Maximises movement


Sprain and Strain

Women's Health


Pregnancy Fitness

We help women to get ready for labour by providing recommendations to take care of their health during this period. With a proper nutritional diet, we teach various breathing and pregnancy exercises and help patients with their back pain to cope up with birth to celebrate the arrival of the newborn.

  • Addresses the fears and concerns
  • Boosts confidence in new mothers
  • Guidance with expert advice

Back Pain Relief

Relaxation during labor

Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy Health

Diet & Nutrition

A nutritious diet is essential for good health. We promote the role of food in a healthy lifestyle. We suggest diet plans and emphasize on exercises to help people to find the best food to meet their health requirements.

  • Diet charts
  • Proper eating habits
  • Build one's metabolism

Weight Management

Nutritional Therapy

Diet Management

Weight Loss

We are associated with

Dr. Mukesh Patil
(Gynaecologist, Vasai)

Dr. Mukesh Rathod
Dr. Samruddhi Rathod

Dr. Ameya Galvankar
(Orthopaedic Surgeon)
Dr. Pankaj Mhatre
(General Practitioner)

Dr. Sonal Shinde
(General Practitioner)
Dr. Manas Save

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    What people say
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    • Ajay Sharma

      I had a serious cervical spondylitis problem, but with the help of Dr. Arpita, my physical therapist, I regained my neck mobility and got back to my normal routine. She listened to my concerns carefully, tailored my treatment to meet my needs, and also helped me to do so. I had a great experience at this physical therapy clinic.


      Ajay Sharma
    • Jyotsna

      Thank you so much for your magical physiotherapy. During my post-fracture healing process, I took therapy from our 3 physiotherapists, but you were the best. खरच, मनापासून thank you. Stay always blessed.


    • पल्लवी चौधरी वसई

      कालचे सेशन अतिशय माहितीपूर्ण व आरोग्यासंबंधी जाणीव करून देणारे होते. पाठीचा कणा, मज्जारज्जू,मणके, गादी हे प्रतिकृतीसह स्पष्ट केल्याने समजून घेणे सोपे झाले. प्रात्यक्षिकांसह मार्गदर्शन केल्याने फायदा निश्चितच होईल. या सेशनमध्ये सहभागी होण्याची संधी दिल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद.

      पल्लवी चौधरी वसई
    • Jyoti Rao

      Yesterday's session on the event of World Spine Day you explained in depth the structure of our spine and how to maintain it by correct posture and simple excercises, in a language that anyone can understand it. Thank you for conducting this session.


      Jyoti Rao
    • Sabeeha

      The session was very informative, We were introduced to the Anatomy of our Spine. It made us aware of the mistakes that we do unknowingly in our daily life while bending or sitting. We were shown the correct posture to bend and pick up any object. We were explained the various curves in our spine and the use of support for our neck. We were told how pillow can be selected as per our individual need. We got to know how we can compensate for our work which is unavoidable at times. We can take 2 minutes breaks between the online sessions and do some simple exercises to relax our muscles. The best thing about these exercises is that they can be done any where and any time, even while sitting on the office chair in the middle of our work, it is just a matter of couple of minutes. We should give that much time to ourselves. All these tips are very helpful in saving us from major problems related to our spine. Precaution is better than cure. This is what I learnt from today's session. Thank you Dr. Arpita for enlightening us on this sensitive issue. I am really looking forward to another fruitful session and would recommend everyone to join it.


      School teacher from Vasai
    • Prachi

      I really enjoyed doing all these exercises during pregnancy. They helped me stay fit and active. I would suggest everyone to do lots of walking and squats during first phase of labor. It really helped me progress my contractions. Breathing techniques also helped me calm down during first phase of labor. A big Thank you to Arpita Ma'am for all this guidance.


    • Simranjit Singh

      I consulted Dr Arpita on the recommendation of Dr Nandan Marathe. I had neck pain which was very nagging due to a disc prolapse. Since I have to work on the computer most of the time, the pain was getting miserable. I consulted Dr Arpita online. She suggested me a few exercises which were gradually upgraded as per my response and tolerance. I have good relief from pain now. Dr Arpita is very patient in listening, and very sound in her field. Thanks to Dr Arpita! I recommend her strongly.


      Simranjit Singh
      Geneva, Switzerland
    • Nilekh Chaudhari

      I took my mom to Dr. Arpita Mhatre’s “The Healing Touch” clinic for shoulder rehab. We had really good experience. Not only my mom was able to restore most of the shoulder movements but also the process felt very smooth. Dr Arpita’s methodical approach to recovery is commendable. Her attention to detail towards patients and her ability to connect and empathize is what sets her apart. I would highly recommend Dr. Arpita’s clinic for best possible care.


      Nilekh Chaudhari
    • Krutika Mhatre

      I attended the online session on labour and breathing exercise on my 7th month of pragancy. The experience was very really help me during my pragancy and post pragancy. I could only deliver normal because I kept my calm and practiced her breathing exercise throughout my labour.I would highly recommend Dr Arpita Mhatre for all your pre and post natal queries. Thank you Dr.Arpita Mhatre.


      Krutika Mhatre
    • Parita

      Thank you Dr. Arpita Mhatre for your constant support throughout my pregnancy since the day we met. The exercises were very helpful for pre and post delivery too. It helped me to have a smooth normal delivery. I would definitely recommend her and as per my personal experience I would say it is very necessary to perform exercise under guidance for happy and smooth pregnancy.


    • Bhushan Save

      Dr. Arpita has taken her precious time to understand my problem and listen to minute details of the issue. Advance electronic equipment were used to identify the exact stumbling block. I was suffering from “Chondromalacia patella” (knee pain) which is the softening and breakdown of the tissue (cartilage) on the underside of the kneecap (patella). She had given me confidence (faith) that it can be certainly (100%) healed. Due to her proficiency and broad experience in the field, she offered precise therapy, and finally, I could return back to my normal life.


      Bhushan Save
      Vartak Heights (Virar)
    • Dr. Jui Mukesh Patil

      One of the best physiotherapists in Vasai! Excellent treatment with a positive approach and a lot of patience. All needed to give a true 'healing touch'. She has consistently been helping people in these difficult times, by conducting online sessions which is another feather in the cap of Dr. Arpita! Best wishes to you and thanks a lot.

      Dr. Jui Mukesh Patil
    • Shirly

      Have taken physio sessions with Dr. Arpita Mhatre a couple of times and they have always been beneficial.  She has a very friendly at the same time very professional and patient approach. Would definitely recommend her to anyone requiring physiotherapy.


    • Dr. Sonal

      I had a great experience with Dr. Arpita Mhatre when i was undergoing exercise sessions for my shoulder issues. The best part of her treatment is the way she delicately handles and gives her 100% while treating the patient.


      Dr. Sonal
    • Bhumika

      Physiotherapy helped me during my pregnancy. All the exercises teached by mam was easy and beneficial.


    • Mr. Damodar

      Excellent treatment for Paralysis. I'm greatful and lucky to get that from Dr, Arpita Mhatre.Thanks.


      Mr. Damodar
    • Vanessa Pereira

      Dr. Arpita’s online physiotherapy sessions are good and helpful. Starting from analyzing your problem to recommending specific exercise to reduce your pain, these sessions are closely monitored by Dr. Arpita. A regular follow-up is done by her to check on your progress and tweak/alter the exercises to improve the patients condition.


      Vanessa Pereira
    • Parveen

      I'm so grateful to Doctor Arpita for helping me gain mobility in my post-operated leg. She is extremely positive, polite, and understanding, has a very good amount of knowledge about your condition and knows the exact exercises that are required for that particular condition. Highly recommended for quick recovery.


    • Dr. Deepa Parab

      I was covid positive n had lot of anxiety n mild cough. I was suggested by my friend to attend Dr. Arpita's breathing exercise session. I found it very useful as she explained n demonstrated everything in simple way. As per her instruction practiced it n I felt very much relaxed. My pulse rate which was high due to anxiety also came down n felt energetic.


      Dr. Deepa Parab
    • Dr. Mukesh Rathod

      I was having severe upper backache due to muscle spasm. I was of opinion that physiotherapy is second line of treatment after medication but in my case it was first line of treatment and the permanent method of treatment. I had complete relief. Thank you very much Dr Arpita Mhatre for your kind support and proper guidance about Exercise.


      Dr. Mukesh Rathod
    • Amruta

      My pregnancy period was during lockdown. When, you cannot move out or be able to engage in any physical outdoor activity. In this time, Dr. Arpita Mhatre's online sessions for prenatal exercises helped me a lot. Not only the exercise but the relaxation and meditation also helped a lot. I will surely recommend her name to others. She is very well approachable and can also take online sessions too. Thanks a lot once again..!!!


    • Pallavi

      I first visited Dr.Arpita at her clinic around 3 years back with bad spondylosis.She is knowledgeable, experienced, soft-spoken and friendly. Over the years for any physio related issues l approach her every time and she gives the right advice according to requirements. All the very best Dr.Arpita and your team.



    Dr. Arpita Mhatre